Memorial Fund

memorial_fundThe Sanctuary Endowment Memorial Fund

“How lovely is Thy dwelling place, Lord God of Hosts.” Certainly, this is reflective of Resurrection of Our Lord Church. One’s eye is drawn to the sanctuary with the magnificent baldachin, the altar of sacrifice and the tabernacle of reservation. When Father Joseph L. Curran and the people of the parish constructed the Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord, they wished it to be a lasting testimony to the Glory of God for the future generations of the parish. How many people have entered the Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord and have been awed with its majesty and beauty? From the two magnificent rose windows, the magnificent sound of our pipe organ to the exquisitely detailed statues of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and Saint Peregrine, the mind, heart and soul are drawn to the eternal. The incorporation of many of the fixtures from the original church brings to the lower church a feeling of dignity and heritage in worship. The lower church and its sanctuary can hardly be considered a “basement church” in any way.

The people of the parish are rightly proud of their church. There is nothing “secondclass” about Resurrection Church. In order to maintain the integrity of the sanctuary and the liturgical vesture, we are establishing a Sanctuary Endowment. The endowment will allow the parish to purchase sacred vessels, vestments, altar linens and the like that normally would be prohibitive for an individual or family. More importantly, the fund should allow us to maintain the treasures of our Church so that they may be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations. Mass will be offered once monthly for the members of the endowment. Those enrolled in the endowment will be acknowledged in our church bulletin. The Sanctuary Endowment Memorial Fund will accept donations in any amount and acknowledge them with an appropriate card. There is no minimum donation. Donations may be made for both the living and deceased. How many times we have gone to funerals and witnessed countless floral tributes left on the grave to be removed shortly afterwards? The Endowment will provide a lasting memorial in the form of a remembrance at the altar of the Lord. I would encourage you to consider the Sanctuary Endowment Memorial Fund as a means of preserving the beauty of our church and bringing spiritual comfort to others.

Should you have any questions, please contact Father Howarth at the rectory.