Mission Statement

mission_statementWe, the people of God, of the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish, acknowledge our call and gather together to grow as a faith community. As a Community, baptized in Christ Jesus and confirmed by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to be:

A community joined together as a family to worship God by giving witness that we are Christian and in spirit and in truth by our active participation in the Sacraments of Our Lord, especially through the celebration of the Eucharist.

A Christian community that establishes and nourishes itself by our love for God, our immediate family, our parish and society.

A community that proclaims the Good News by practicing what has been taught and standing up to be counted as Christians and Catholic through love, faith and acts of kindness and by reaching out to bring back those who have become alienated and no longer heed the Good News.

A community that teaches the saving message of Christ by the strong commitment of priests, teachers, parents and laity to provide religious and spiritual development of adults, youth and children.

A community that serves the needs of others by sharing our talents, helping our shut-ins with visits, giving aid for spiritual and financial needs, taking down the barriers of indifference and prejudice and encouraging all to serve others so that we may build a strong bond of caring, love and faith.

We pray to God Our Father, through Our Lord Jesus Christ, that He send His Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us, so that we may continue to respond to the special call to be a parish faith community.