Baptism 1


Congratulations on seeking Baptism. Baptism is the sacrament that cleanses us from sin, brings us into The Church, and makes us a Child of God with the Gift of Faith! It’s our first sacrament that begins our journey to heaven.

Deacon Dennis works with all those preparing to have a child baptized (anyone under 18).

To contact Deacon Dennis CLICK HERE or call him at 215-745-3211

Deacon John handles anyone wishing to be baptized as an adult (anyone over the age of 18). This usually involves walking through the RCIA Program. If you are interested in being baptized as an adult CLICK HERE or talk with Deacon John at 215-745-3211

If you are interested in renting our beautiful new gathering venue THE LIFE CENTER at RESURRECTION please CLICK HERE. Our hall is located below the church and is perfect for a baptism party/reception following your special sacrament. We offer onsite catering and design. CLICK HERE to find out more or call 215-745-3211 Ext 109

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