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I’ve been a member of Resurrection for most of my life. I was a student in the school, got married there, had my children attend the school, it is my home! Our pastor, Father Jim is the best! Our parish is a warm and wonderful place to be.

Joanne Marcucci Member of Resurrection Parish

We have been in the parish since 2000. We absolutely fell in love with the church when we first walked in. It is a very welcoming environment for all. We have raised our children in the church where they have received their sacraments. Cannot see us in any other parish!

Venita Ortiz Member of Resurrection Parish

We have been in Resso for about 7 years now. Very Welcoming and so many activities both religious and social to keep the parish vibrant. Parishioners are friendly, the priests and deacons are great. Love everything about the parish.

Dennis Franklin Member of Resurrection Parish

This is the place where I have learned to live well in my 12 years in this country. I found my spiritual rest, inner joy, trust in the Lord and personal happiness. I invite all of you here to this welcoming community.

Sarah John Member of Resurrection Parish

Resurrection Church is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I am blessed. Our choir and music are just beautiful and there is a true family feel when you walk through the doors. The grounds are beautifully kept as well. Just a gift. I would not want to belong anywhere else.

Wendy Turner Member of Resurrection Parish

Very welcoming community, been part of it for 10 years but the last 4 years I really became a member. I took the RCIA class and I couldn’t be happier, the members are beyond friendly, very responsive, and organized.

Lourdes Millard Member of Resurrection Parish

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